Sunday, April 30, 2006

Japanese Story

This is the second time i have been emotionally moved by Japanese .
Although this is a Hollywood film, the hero is japanese.Gotaro Tsunashima acts as Tachibana the main character. He travels in Australian desert countryside accompanied by an Australian geologist Sandy ( Toni Collete). The Australian is puzzled and frustrated with the japanese attitude and approach. Finally the Japanese opens up and bridges the communication gap and help her to get out of the desert. In the process he starts liking her which leads to reciprocation and love. When the love and understanding starts blossoming, he drowns in a lake and dies and leaving sandy completely traumatised. The Japanese wife comes to take the body. While Sandy cries that it was her fault leading him to the lake, the Japanese wife shows the typical control over her emotions and leaves an envelope containing the fotos of sandy with her husband. The movie brings out the contrasting cultures of the brash down under and the subtle japanese character. Tachibana explains how the word" hai " can mean yes or no or maybe depending upon the tone and way of saying it.
I was moved by the Japanese character. The Japanese songs played during the sad moments of the story touched my soul reminding me of Floating weed, the japanese film which triggered this blog.

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