Sunday, April 30, 2006

50 first dates

saw this yesterday.
This is a typical Adam Sandler comedy. he meets Drew Barrymore in a cafe and she invites him for breakfast the next day. But when he goes the following day she does not recognise him and drives him away as a stalker. he discovers that she had suffered brain damage in an accident. Thereafter her memory stays for only one day and during her sleep in the night it all goes away. But she remembers only what happened on that particular day , the accident took place. The rest is romance and comedy and caribbean beach resort, where the story takes place.

The friend of Sandler tells him the girl fits perfectly to the casanova-type hero who seeks vacation flings and avoids commitment.
There is another character whose memory lasts only for ten seconds. oops.. sometimes it happens to people in parties where they " are glad to meet u " twice or thrice during the same evening.
I enjoyed the movie and recommend to friends.

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