Monday, February 26, 2007

skiing in New York

I made use of my transit halt in Newyork on 20 February and the unusually cold weather and excessive snowing to indulge in my most favourite passion...skiing. This was in the Camelback ski resort in Poconos area in Pennsylvania, fifty miles from NewYork city, where I used to go when I was posted there.

It was a thrilling experience. Although my last skiing was six years back in 2000 in valle nevado, Chile, i still retained the skill and was able to move confidently. I did even the half- pipe slope.

The day was perfect. After the heavy snowfall in the days before my arrival, there was plenty of powder. I loved every moment on the skis.

Breathing the pure air of the white snow ..
Drinking Hot chocolate in the cold weather ..

Following the laughter and scream of the little kids who know no fear..

Going up the lift and coming down on the slopes like kids..
the thrill of moving fast..
the fear of falling down..

hmm... It was one of the best days of my life.

Blue Butterfly - Canadian movie

I chose to see the movie "Blue Butterfly" , from the Air India collection, simply because of its name. Blue is my favourite colour and butterfly is a fascinating and colurful creature appealing to my imagination. But the movie turned out to be more than these. It was inspiring and moving.

The story is about a ten year old boy Pete, who is given just a few months more to live by the doctors after diagnosing brain tumour. He is confined to the wheel chair.Pete is an amateur insect collector and admirer of Alan Osborne, a famous entomologist. Pete is taken up by Osborne's description of Blue Butterfly- mariposa azul-from Central and south america, as having magical powers. Pete wants to catch one before his death. He and his single mother approach Osborne , who says that the season is over and he has no time to take the boy to the jungle. But he relents after hearing about the terminal illness. Osborne takes Pete on his shoulders through the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica. The journey of adventure and fulfillment makes the boy recover miraculously and he starts walking.

Osborne is commited to the world of insects and is uncomfortable with the humans. He cannot handle kids and is rude and blunt in his interactions. But his space is entered by the young boy who reconnects Osborne to the human world of emotions and feelings.

The movie is touching. It is about hope and dreams. Catching the blue butterfly is a metaphor for pursuit of life, ....passionate pursuit of dreams. The dream and belief gives magical powers to oneself to achieve the impossible and overcome challenges. I was specially touched by the little costa rican indigenous girl ( Marianella) who tells Pete " you are a blue butterfly.. I am also.. everything and everyone is a blue butterfly".

I liked the smooth and pleasant flow of the film. No big drama or make-believe. It goes like a children's story but with a strong message.

This is based on a true story.

This is a canadian film released in 2004 and directed by Lea Pool. William Hurt has acted as Osborne, Pascal Bussiers as Teresa and Marc Donato as Pete.