Tuesday, December 27, 2005

floating weed

The Japanese movie "Floating weeds" moved me so powerfully and drove me to create this blogsite to express the craziness arising from non-latin american sources of inspiration.
so here i strart floating like a weed in rivers other than Amazon and orinoco.
Let me start with the movie first..
The Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu caught me unaware and held me spellbound with this first ever movie i happened to come by in Palika bazar.
It is the story of an itinerant actor, who comes to settle down with his old flame after his travelling career. He is forced by destiny to hit the road again and continue his vagabond movement.The movie brings out the quintessential character of Japanese. What took me by surprise was the romance and humour woven subtly into their non-expressive culture.
The last time I was moved so powerfully was when i saw the film" cold Mountain" and read Tolstoy's war and peace and Anna Karenin.
I tried another film of Yasujiro Ozu called as " The end of Summer". Again i was affected albeit in a less powerful way as by Floating Weeds.I was again taken aback by the subtleties and nuances of the Japanese character. Old man awakened and repossessed by an old flame. He conforms outwardly to the boundaries of tradition but let himself go crazy as anyone would do so.The aesthetics and sense of harmony was as i imagined.
hmm... here is a new river for me to float among many...