Thursday, November 30, 2006

Brokeback mountain- movie

I watched this gay cowboy film last weekend.
It is an interesting story of two cowboys who get to work together during a summer as sheepherders in the Brokeback mountain area. In the isolated and pristine Brokeback mountain area, they have only the company of each other apart from the sheep and mountain. Their interaction with each other becomes intimate and they fall in love with each other. But after this unusual and new experience, they go back to normal life of marriage and children. But then the love born in the mountains come back to draw them together. The wife of one of them discovers and divorces him. The other one who is more passionate gets frustrated by the inadequate response of the partner and dies young.
The director Ang Lee has handled the story delicately and sensibly and succeeded in making it as romantic and natural. The scenes of the mountains, meadows and streams of Brokeback mountain are spectacular.