Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sade - for ever

Someone asked me, what happened to the floating weed since the last blog posting of 16 september. I responded, " the floating weed has stopped at the side of the Rio de la Plata ( Plata River in Buenos Aires). The city has captivated me completely and overwhelmingly since my arrival on 10 October. This meant a lot of postings in the latin american blogs.

Today, as I opened the videos of Sade in YouTube my non-latin american side of life came alive, refreshing memories. As i was trying the different songs, something struck me. I liked every one of the songs of Sade. I cannot say this of my other favourite singers. While Selena, Celine Dion, Luis Fonsi and Cristian Castro have taken me to the heights of ecstasy with their songs I found that I liked only a few of their songs. So when I bought their CDs I ended up with majority of songs I did not like.
But Sade is an exception. I enjoy every song of hers. Every song of hers stirs my soul and set me on romantic mood.
Sure I have some which I like more such as
- No ordinary love
- kiss of life
- I still really really love you

But I like every song of sade, in video and audio. Her soft and sweet voice touches the heart and strokes the soul. It is like a breeze entering through every cell of the body finding its way to the heart. Sade's songs are relaxing and refreshing, stirring and stimulating. I discovered her songs in 1998 and every time I listen to her, there is a new sensation and enjoyment.