Sunday, April 20, 2008

Golf at the age of 87 ...yes ...87

As usual, I was fixed today also to play with three new golfers at the Jockey Club in Buenos Aires. This is how I have been making contacts and friends by playing with new people. One of the three, Mr Carlos Bracht became my partner when they threw balls for partners.

When I reached out with a handshake, my partner smiled and said he was 87 years old. I got a shock. Then he showed the earplug and said he was hard of hearing...another jolt...I got further depressed when I saw he was going to play without the assistance of a caddy.. He was driving a single-seater cart. I thought I was going to have a miserable four and half hours.

I came out of my depression when Carlos made a par in the first hole. My spirits were lifted up when he made another par, missing birdie in the second hole. He made the third consecutive par in the third hole and then went on to score many pars and I was overwhelmed. Together we made a good score.

Carlos has been playing in Jockey club for the last 72 years! He started golf at the age of 15. He has won Argentine amateur championship several times and has won tournaments in other countries too.

Carlos now plays to a handicap of 12. He plays a serious and competitive game. He hits straight and putts sometimes with a three wood. His only frustration is that he is not able to hit drives beyond 200 yards.

The experience with Carlos reminded me of my partnership with Dr Bharat Ram in ITC golf course in Delhi in 2005. He was ninty years old when he played with me. He expired last year.

Playing golf competitions at 87 and 90 years ! What a life ! This reminds me of the saying in Latin America, " We dont stop having fun when we grow old.. we become old only when we stop having fun".

They say old golfers never retire...they just lose balls ! Bharat Ram had a ball at 90 years and Carlos is going strong at 87....playing golf competitions and having fun. I have now become a fan of Carlos.

Viva Carlos !