Sunday, September 16, 2007

Floating weed moves on...

yes .. it will leave delhi on 28 september and reach Buenos Aires on 10 october. Hmm..I have been posted as Ambassador to Argentina.

The last four years of my stay in India has been fascinating and exciting. I witnessed the dramatic transformation of India and the Indians. I had seen from the vantage point of South Block the unfolding of the policy of economic reforms. I had watched with admiration the unleashing of the enterprenurial energy of the Indian businessmen who are going global. I had listened to the " audacious vision" talk of the captains of Indian industry in the business conferences and seen it in action with Mittal taking over Arcelor and Tata buying Corus. I was thrilled to see the new confidence, ambition and optimism of the Indian youth with their "can do " attitude. I was fascinated by the consumer revolution caused by mobile phones. My own village has over sixty phones! Ten years back, I thought world- class highways, malls and buildings were just dreams. Now these have come true.

Now when I go out of India, I go as the representative of this New India, with a new sense of pride, confidence and optimism.

The relocation, packing, discarding, bye to friends... and ...unpacking, living off suit cases and starting a new life in a new place, making friends, playing in new golf courses, experiencing different things... is an opportunity I always look for reinvent myself.