Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blood Diamond - movie

I saw this film yesterday, on the recommendation of a soul mate. The movie stirs the soul and touches the heart. It is difficult to get over the tragedy of brutalisation and traumatisation of some of the African societies, portrayed in the film. Diamonds which adorn the wedding rings symbolising union of people have been a curse of death and destruction in some African countries. Instead of adding wealth, diamond resources have made countries poor and miserable. Sierra Leone, Angola and some other African countries have paid a heavy price in lives for possession of diamonds.It is heartening to know that the world has taken a stand against blood diamonds.

Leonardo Di Caprio has acted as Danny Archer, the Rhodesian mercenary who is a diamond smuggler. Djimon Hounsou (he is from Benin) has acted superbly as Solomon Vandy whose dream to educate his son to become a doctor is shattered by the outbreak of civil war. His family is separated and his son is taken away by the rebels who train him to become a killer soldier. Solomon is forced to work in a diamond mine by the rebels. He finds a large pink diamond and manages to hide it by burying it in the bush. Archer comes to know about it and persuades him to take him to the diamond, promising him to reunite him with his family. The duo is given some help by an American journalist who is trying to uncover the story of diamond smuggling.

The movie is a wake up call for Africa, some parts of which are still mired in civil war. Even the mercenary Archer says at one point " God has left Africa long back". His cynical remark TIA... This Is Africa perhaps sum up the tragic situation.