Thursday, January 25, 2007

Speech to MBA graduate students at FMS Delhi 25 january 2007

The topic of the talk was " India Inc going global". Audience- MBA graduate students of the Faculty of Management Studies of Delhi University. The substance of the talk was by and large same as that of the talk I gave to the MBA students of Bharatidasan University on 22 November. But this time I highlighted the young human resource asset of India in the new emerging Knowledge based economy, which gives a competitive edge to Indian business going global. The other two competitive edges are: first-walmart effect- Indian companies get a solid foundation of competence in the large volume market of India in which they are under pressure to deliver products and services at the lowest cost and second- globalisation which gives opportunities to those who are faster and smarter,while it becomes a challenge to the slower and less smart. The new mindset of the young Indians who have a hunger for success and achievement with a new confidence and optimism make India a winner in globalisation.

I talked about the new corporate culture and ethics being imbibed by the young and impressionable professionals in the Indian IT companies who play straight and do things correctly and properly. In the process of servicing and adding value to the best global companies in the world, the Indian IT companies are adopting the best practices of the best corporates and are establishing a reputation globally.

I also spoke of Economic diplomacy through which diplomats facilitate and promote India's enegagement with the global business.

Prof Singla, who has a formidable combination of BE, MBA and PhD and had at one time worked with TCS introduced me to the audience. According to him FMS is among the best management Instituitions of India. fifty percent of the students have work experience while over 80 percent are engineers. Mr Jagtar Singh of TCS, who took the initiative in arranging the lecture, is an alumnus of FMS.

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