Wednesday, March 01, 2006

discovery of Loreena Mackennit

Thanks to a queridissima friend i discovered this canadian singer with gypsy legs, sufi soul and mystic magic.
i liked her songs mummers dance, samain night, mystic's dream
i got carried away by her lyrics which took me on mystic journeys through celtic lands and beyond.

here r some of the lyrics of this exotic and eclectic singer which touched and inspired me

samain night
when the moon on a cloud cast night hung above the tree tops height
you sang me of some distant past
that made my heart beat strong and fast
now i know i am at home at last

mystic dream
a clouded dream on an earthly night
hangs upon the crescent moon
a voiceless song in an ageless light
sings at the coming dawnupon a darkened night
the flame of love was burning in my breast
and by a lantern bright i fled my house while all in quiet rest
...the eyes declare a truce of trust
and then it draws me far away

when she says every journey brings its own surprises a challenge, a sudden detour a new set of friends along the way or perhaps even a destination different from the one you intended

i am reminded of my queridissima friendwho said we are the sum of the places we have been
so .. i am where i have been

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